Day 1: A bear in a chair reading The Forest Times which, coincidentally, is also announcing Pawgust

Day 2: a runaway pup! 

Day 3: ruining the family photo

Day 4: some mice (or rats?) drawn from the ER hospital bed. (I am fine.) 

Day 5: part 1 - dreaming of all of the bunnies...

Day 5: part 2 - it has turned into a nightmare!

Day 6: A girl and her Bearbot 2000

Day 7: fitting in

Day 8: fox sketches

Day 9: uh-oh...

Day 10: a sketch for day 11

Day 11: finished White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland

Day 12: Toto

Day 13: Flash

Day 14: Scooby-doo

Day 15: Freddy the fast fox, who should have had a 15 on his jersey.

Day 16: space beagle

Day 17: panda sketch studies

Day 18: a panda playing an accordion

Day 19: Clapperclaw Island map

Day 20: Annie and Sandy belt out a number about the eclipse that is going to happen tomorrow

Day 21: eclipse day

Day 22: Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal

Day 23: a little monster and her stuffed bunny she thinks needs a carrot

Day 24: Falkor from The Neverending Story. Nostalgia to the max.

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